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Monday, 27 February 2012

The Arrival

Well my Nuffield adventure has officially started with the Contemporary Scholars conference which is in the Netherlands and London. After arriving in Amsterdam (6.30am 26.2.12) following 29hrs in transit, 19hrs flying time from Oz we caught the hi speed train to Rotterdam. We all had no Idea where our hotel was, but after an amusing 20minutes trying to work out which of the four signs, all pointing in a different direction and reading bus, we were supposed to follow we finally managed to hjack one and find our hotel.

After checking in to our Hotel and freshening up we headed off on a bus to have a look around.

The Netherlands really is the land of Windmills, only now there is no longer many of the traditional windmills that were once used to pump water from the land behind the dikes, there are literally thousands of wind turbines spread across much of the country landscape.

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