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Monday, 10 September 2012

Friday 9th March

After a great nights sleep I enjoyed breakfast with Rob at 'Dearnford' a cafe and function centre he has developed on his property near a man made lake, made when a highway bypass was constructed nearby. A beautiful spot to relax over a full English breakfast and a  hot coffee.

After breakfast Rob introduced me to one of his business associates. They have a machinery sharing arrangement. It is an interesting model that enables farmers to reduce the individual capital outlay on machinery.

England has a great array of tillage machinery, the likes of which a No-till farmer like me has never seen before.

Well, That was the end of my visit to Shropshire, a quick unplanned stopover at the historic Warrick Castle on the way back to London made an enjoyable afternoon

Its hard to imagine this bridge was built in Roman times and is still standing…...well mostly, I wonder if modern bridges would last that long? 

Saturday/Sunday 10th & 11th of March

Back in London and I had a few days off to do some sight seeing, my itinerrary included  Buckingham palace, Westminster Abby, St Pauls Cathedral, The tower of London, and a visit to the Theatre to see ‘Wicked’ which was fantastic. I just wish Bec & the Kids could have been with me to enjoy it to. 

I even managed to catch up with my business partner and fellow Nuffield John Gladigau and his family for a ‘quite one’ at a “Good Ol Fashioned English Pub’. Thanks to ‘Tracy’ a friend of the Gladigau family we had a guided tour around some of Londons lesser known attractions, and even managed to fine platform 9 3/4 much to Aimees delight

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