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Sunday, 24 February 2013

21st Feb 2012 Scotia McLeod - Grant Hinrichsen

Before flying out to Chicago, I met with Canadian futures broker Grant Hinrichsen. Grant and his business partner form the Prarie Futures Group a team within Scotia McLeod which specalises in  commodity futures. Grants clients consist of farmers and elevators from across Canada, with 80% of his business in Ag mostly grains and Oilseeds. His market intelligence is received via JP Morgan. His business looks for opportunities that arise for forward pricing grain for his clients.

In Australia some concern has been expressed about the “disconnect” between the futures and physical markets caused by the hedge funds. Grant believes that this is overstated to a degree, with the “disconnect” really only occurring for a very short period of time as the funds adjust their positions.

Before departing Winnipeg I popped into their Capital Building. It is some of the oldest architecture in Winnipeg. I have included a couple of pictures for you. Note the large Ice polar bear out the front, I just missed out on visiting Winnipeg when they have a festival which includes many of these ice sculptures.

Large Bison Statues guarding the entrance stares inside the Winnipeg Capitol Building
Winnipeg Capitol Building

Another interesting piece of Architecture is a new building under construction which will house the center for Human Rights

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