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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Feb 18th Ice Fishing

Another new experience on my Nuffield scholarship! I had the opportunity to go Ice fishing on a frozen lake. We drove out onto the lake in a big ol four wheel drive pickup truck, (something I would not have done on my own), but when the locals are all doing it you know it is pretty safe. 

Conditions were a pretty cool minus 20 deg C, but this did not stop us. My host Arnold, expertly maneuvered the two stoke post hole borer to drill two 30cm holes in the ice about 1m apart. 

He then erected a fishing tent over top and put a gas burner inside to provide us with warmth. 

I climbed inside with his mate Gary and we dropped our lines in. The fishing rod was only about a foot long (Any longer and it wouldn’t have fitted in the tent) and we fished with a single hook and a maggot (I think gent is the polite Australian term). Interestingly in Alberta you are not allowed to use barbed hooks, and it is a $100 fine if you are caught using one. Inside the fishing tent is quite bright as the light reflects through the snow into the tent. Through the hole in the 75cm thick ice, you can see right down to the bottom of the lake, a couple of metres below. Unfortunately the fished must have been able to smell the Australian, ‘cause I had no luck and came home empty handed, but keen to try it again one day 

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