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Sunday, 24 February 2013

23rd Feb 2012 Museum of Science & Industry

Chicago has an fantastic array of Museums, the one that I chose to go to was the Museum of Science & Industry. This is an amaizing place I could have spent a couple of days there. A lot of the exhibits are very interactive which the kids would find pretty awesome.

Planes, including a Jet liner hung from the ceiling
Adjustable prisims reflecting sunlight to demonstrate the light spectrum
A simulated Vortex
Of special note is the German U-boat exhibition, the only WWII German submarine to be captured in the war. It was a great display, unfortunately I missed out on the guided tour inside the submarine, which I was told later was supurb. 

They also had a farming exhibit (Thanks mostly to John Deere, going by the make of machines). It was really well done and portrayed farming in a interactive high tech way, the way it should be portrayed. There were kids everywhere, lining up to drive a harvester in a simulated crop, or operate a milking machine, or climb all over a 8430 tractor.

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