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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

12th March 2012 – Temuka (South of Christchurch)

Following a 3am start I flew down to Christchurch then traveled to Mike & Sally Taylers farm.  
View of cloud over New Zealand during my plane flight from Auckland to Christchurch
Mike showed me round his property, his enterprises include cereal crops, Specialty seed crops, potatoes for fries, juicing carrots and two dairies.
Carrot washing facility set up as a joint venture

A hybrid seed crop. The slashed rows were male pollinator rows
The female seed rows will soon be harvested

Juicing carrot crop

Mikes A- "Maizing" crop
Mike also took me to the place where Phar Lap was born which turns out to be only just down the road from his place.

Phar Lap was born and raised here.

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