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Monday, 18 March 2013

18th March 2012 – The Man on the Moon – Ken Ring

This morning I met with Ken Ring a world renowned weather forecaster who uses the effect of the moon, sun and planets to generate annual weather forecasts for New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland. Ken lived in an RV on a beach for a time during his life. He noticed that severe storms were associated with king tides. This got him thinking that perhaps the moon had an affect on the atmosphere and the weather just as it affects the oceans. This  started him studying the affects of the terrestrial bodies on the weather.  His research has even traced this style of weather forecasting back to ancient civilizations. When ever these types of tools are used it inevitably raises eyebrows with mainstream forecasters; however Ken quotes published scientific papers to back up the methodology he uses.

Ken Ring at his work station
 Well this ends the world travel part of my study project, I have now left New Zealand and having landed in Nadi Fiji will begin the process of compiling everything I have learnt into my paper. I will continue to blog though so if you have found my journey interesting, stay tuned. 

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