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Sunday, 10 March 2013

9th March - Lujan

On my way back from Anguil to Buenos Aries I departed for the first time from my normal schedule and did not book my accommodation, this was a mistake as hotels were either too dodgy, booked out or my GPS lead me astray. I eventually managed to find accommodation in  Lujan a city about an hour from Buenos Aries. It proved to be a real treat as my hotel was located next to a magnificent cathedral.

The cathedral is a neo-gothic Basilica built in honor of the Virgin of Lujan, the patron saint of Argentina. Every year more than 6 million people make pilgrimages here, many walking from Buenos Aires. Lujan is actually known as “The Capital of the Faith” The church towers over the city landscape rising to a height of 106 m and houses the tiny 38cm statue of the virgin.

The museum next to the cathedral was also supposed to be well worth seeing but was closed

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