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Monday, 4 March 2013

4th March 2012 – Onward to Argentina

My first impressions of Argentina are that it is very green. It certainly was quite a contrast after being in the depths of a North American winter for the last fortnight. I hardly saw any green at all through this whole time.

After landing in Buenos Aries I picked up my hire car and traveled north to a little town called Areco. Some of Argentina’s roads are very good and some are pretty ordinary, it seemed like my GPS definitely wanted me to drive on some of the ones that were quite ordinary. One of the freeways I traveled on, half of the time one side of the freeway was shut off because it was under repair (by the look of the signs it had been under repair for 10yrs or more), and sometimes the other side was not a lot better.

Areco is an old Argentinean town and is famous for its horse and cart races which see up to 80 competitors involved  I based myself here as tomorrow I will go to Expoagro the largest agricultural field day in Argentina about a 90km drive north of here.
Cobblestone pavements in downtown Areco, my view as I enjoyed
my dinner "Alfresco style". Nice to be in a warm climate at last!

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