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Sunday, 17 March 2013

14th March 2012 – From South to North Island

An early start saw me traveling from South Canterbury north toward Picton, for a ferry crossing to the North Island and to Wellington, capital of New Zealand. I was fortunate to have George Orchiston also have traveling with me. George has a fascinating background and is currently working as a agricultural real estate agent working together with farmers and developers to use equity capital to help farms develop efficiencies and economies of scale. 

George Orchiston on Picton Warf

Currently New Zealand is suffering from severe drought, probably the worst in 70 years. Usually droughts in New Zealand are area specific though this one has affected both the North and the South Island.

Leaving Picton on the ferry is very picturesque as you travel through the Marlborough sound. Ferrys travel hourly between the Islands and are always full of vehicles as well as large numbers of passengers.

Picton Harbour

Marlborough Sound

From Wellington we headed for Hastings which is in the Hawkes Bay area where we stayed the night with friends. 

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