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Sunday, 10 March 2013

8th March - INTA Anguil Farm Tour

The Director of INTA Anguil research station, Jesus Fernandez took me for a farm tour of the 6000ha property. This area has been using No Till for 25 years. When they were about 10 years into it they suddenly began having problems with large flocks of Pigeons and Starlings. The birds were able to find a great food source in the stubbles and bred rapidly so that the flocks number in the thousands. This has become a real issue across La Pampa with the birds devouring large quantities of ripening crops.

A flock of Starlings

Jesus Fernandez inspecting the grain in a Sunflower head

The Research facility also had a 150 head sheep dairy, these sheep are a  dual purpose breed
They are a cross between Corredale and Fresian.

Standing in a field of corn 

A common site near every major intersection is teams of contractors ready for the  summercrop harvest

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